cgb max driver review

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cgb max driver review

Post  cgb max on Thu May 19, 2011 12:15 am

The , which is characterised by its appealing shape and deep red color, incorporates multiple technologies that make possible its extraordinary performance. First is TaylorMade’s renowned Movable Weight Technology (MWT).

In this case, MWT is in the form of three weights; one in the toe, one in the heel and one in the very back. Two 1-gram weights and one 16-gram weight are included, and configuring them in the clubhead to promote a specific ball flight is remarkably intuitive. Very simply, if you want the ball to go to the right, put the heavy weight on the right side of the clubhead (the toe). That promotes a slight fade.

If you want the ball to go left, as in a slight draw, put the heavy weight in the middle of the clubhead (the back). If you want to promote a large draw, put the heavy weight on the left side of the clubhead (the heel). TaylorMade testing indicates that MWT in this driver promotes up to 35 yards of trajectory change from the slight fade to the large draw. All at 20110519

cgb max

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